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"Ralphie" (Aladdin) Trailer

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I heard Kronk might return to just do "Kronkladdin" and my brother and his Mizfit Squad is having Eugene as Aladdin and Myself as Jasmine, which is so nice by the way, so I decided to save both his and our very good friend Jessica Espinoza Ideas, since she had Elsa as Jasmine but generously gave her to Ralphie and the finale inspiration for me to create this project is rewatching The Mizfitz very first video "A Whole New World" which stars Ralphie and Elsa and brought a lot of wonderful memories from 3-5 years, I believe, and of course how Beautiful and Romantic it is, so how can I say no to making "Ralphie" (Aladdin) along with his fellow Mizfitz, like his beloved queen, Elsa as my fellow Ohana, Jasmine, also their little sidekick, Stitch as Abu, with of course their father figure, Homer Simpson as The Sultan, let's not forget their giant flying friend, Elliot as Carpet and Donald Duck as Iago, which we original had for our old version of "Aladdin" speaking of which, we are also bringing back our original villain as Jafar, one of the greatest enemies of us Ohanas, Rasputin who will transform into another Ohana enemy, in fact our biggest enemy of all Bil--- Nope! you'll just have to wait and see for yourself, but for now, I hope you all will enjoy our version of "Aladdin" which would be co. directed by our sibling team, The Mizfitz, for obvious reasons *giggles* ok, enjoy :D

Ralphie and Elsa's A Whole New World:

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